Thursday, August 29, 2013


...and not good for Israel.

If Obama strikes Syria,Israel will suffer the most. The only good thing to possibly come out of this is that Israel will end the slave,master relationship and cut the chains that bind them to the sinking USA corpse.
God will then have their undivided attention.

Israel sends stern warning to Assad through Russian intermediaries

Israel issues warning through various intermediaries saying that any attempt to hurt Israel as a retaliation for a U.S. attack would result in a strike on Damascus and the toppling of the Assad regime.

US Navy beefing up presence in Persian Gulf, USS Harry Truman to arrive shortly

On August 9th I wrote US Pushing Israel Too Hard Into Their False Peace Trap/Scam
that focused on the USS Harry S.Truman.
This is not good for anyone!

This is the most dangerous time in modern history-intelligence insider update

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