Saturday, August 31, 2013

Obama: We'll Take Military Action, but Only if Congress Approves

This is the perfect way for me to back out of the corner I painted myself into,I'm brilliant.
The 'democratic' vote of the British Parliament has tied my hands. If I act on my own everyone shall see me as the pompous dictator that I am.
That unveiling shall have to wait until I bring enough chaos and destruction here in the homeland to declare martial law which I promise to bring soon.
If Con sez no,trust me,I've got other tricks up my sleeve to pull out.

Israeli Media: 'Obama Changed his mind'

Is a sea change finally coming to wrong Israel planning and thinking?

Is Israel finally learning the hard way that everything their American idol does or does not do is bad for the nation?

What should Israel understand about the rotten stick it has been leaning on ?
Lesson to the idol worshipers of Israel who look to America as if it were their God who will save them or bring peace.
Israel, you can depend on US to come to your rescue,maybe,but it will have to wait a few weeks after you have been attacked and overrun, and if Congress is in recess,broke,suffering from amnesia or dementia, pray hard.

Egypt crisis continues

Tunisia crisis deepens

The decadence and perversity of America at the top on down
God will have to strike US soon.

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