Friday, August 02, 2013

Ramadan Surprise ?

Just thinking, what if ?
What would the US do before a  preemptive strike on a Muslim country like Obama striking Syria or Israel striking Iran? or even Egypt, Sinai ? Attack on Hezbollah headquarters in Beirut ?
Something that would not arouse too much suspicion because it would be blamed on 'after Ramadan chatter' overheard in Yemen.
Shut down US Embassies in the Muslim world ?  
Obama makes a deal with Netanyahu on Palestinian peace talks giving him the green light for an attack on Iran or  some house cleaning in Syria and that is the real reason the embassies are closing?
They're expecting blow back in the Arab world and from Iran's Hezbollah and Iranian sleeper cells in the US?
If this is really al Qaeda then it's going to be something bigger that 9/11 that we will have to respond to and maybe this is how WW III unfolds?
I don't know but somethings up and I sure don't believe the government media on much of anything ?
A lot of questions ? and then:

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