Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Arab Muslims Gas Their Own Children

“Syria is using chemical weapons — there’s a holocaust going on there now — and the Europeans only have time to hit us [Israel], and the UN only has time to issue decisions against us,”.

It's Begun

Rebel forces report massive death toll after Syrian chemical attack

Surprising Timing

Youtube is filled with hundreds of video's of this attack which leads me to question if this was staged just as the UN Chemical inspectors are now in Damascus. It's too convenient and specially timed and Assad is not this stupid. But Al Qaeda is losing and desperate.
The Gohuta neighborhood of East Damascus where this happened is a held by Jabhat al-Nusra a hardline Sunni Islamist rebel group allied to al Qaeda.

Whether al Qaeda gassed their own fellow Muslims as a pretext for the West to intervene to save them from certain defeat or Assad did this to his fellow Muslims one thing is clear.
Obama,the EU and NATO have the excuse to come to the rescue of al Qaeda aligned Islamic terrorists which leads to WW III. The Revelation 6:3-4 Rider on the Red Horse.
IF THE GLOBALIST CONTROLLED and manipulated MEDIA FAN THE FLAMES of Ghouta, you can be sure the stage already set last week and now the match has been lit.

"Syrian ruler Bashar Assad has more than once declared that if the Syrian capital Damascus came under threat, he would resort to chemical warfare and the entire Middle East including Israel would go up in flames. For now, his army is fighting to keep the rebels from taking control of southern Syria."


Charles Phillips said...

It would not surprise me that the Muslim Brotherhood rebels did this to themselves. With aid from Obama coming in the back door from Egypt cut off, their only recourse for Obama aid would make it look like Assad crossed the red line that Obama spoke about.

Marcel said...

either way it puts Obama in a lose lose position. He looks weak if he does nothing.

If evidence comes out that Obama,McCain,Lindsey Graham's Syrian rebel partners did it, Putin will laugh as the world sees what kind of evil forces Obama,USA,EU,UN support in ousting Assad.
The checkers player from corrupt,filthy,gang ridden Chicago might have met his Waterloo ?

YHVH said...

I must agree with Charles, obummers minions did this to drag us into another war, but the only consolation is the fact it will be the one to usher in the Tribulation.

Marcel said...

Israel is watching their impotent god America in empty talk and broken promises once again and learning how foolish they have been to put their trust in this worthless idol for anything.

The best thing about this is Israel waking up to realize that America is not their God.
I am looking forward to the lap dog Netanyahu learning to say NO or be replaced SOON by those who can serve the LORD instead of Babel land.