Monday, August 19, 2013

Peace of Lies

Terrorists ‘aim to hit Israeli, Jewish targets worldwide’ in coming weeks

Eventually the corrupt,spineless,lap dog Netanyahu government will answer to the survivors of Israel for betraying the nation for the lies of the American idol he serves above God.

At about this time more and more of the brainwashed of Israel are waking up to the reality that peace with Islam is impossible.
That all the pretense and agreements for peace foisted on Israel by the US have been nothing but lies and subterfuge aimed at weakening and anesthetizing the peace drunk nation prior to the coming major assault from the hordes of hell now massing on Israel's borders.
It's getting harder for the hucksters and snake oil salesmen from Washington to sell the same worn out lies to the public.
The longsuffering LORD in his great mercy and love has been sending sign after sign,warning after warning to his people Israel.
It is not by chance that Israel's Muslim neighbors to the north and south are engaged in genocidal bloodbath between each other.
If they can't live in peace among themselves only a fool believes they will live in peace with "infidel" Israel.
Only those who hate God and the truth hold on to their delusions that a perverted and decadent Sodom and Gomorrah decked out in stars and stripes will bring peace to Israel by way of their Satan inspired two state solution.
By it's false peace America Babylon has been successful in restraining Israel and emboldening their enemies,the evident fruit of a rather crafty,sinister and evil empire whom God will repay accordingly.

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