Sunday, August 04, 2013

Obama has sent a choice wolf, Martin Indyk to lead Israel to slaughter

A video that appears to be from 2004 shows that current U.S. mediator in the “peace process,” Martin Indyk, was dreadfully wrong in his assessments regarding the results to be expected from Israel's decision to pull out of Gaza.
The pullout, which was formally called “the Disengagement,” was carried out in 2005 and led, just two years later, to a takeover of Gaza by the Hamas genocidal terror group.
President Bush and his policies led to the creation of Hamastan,Gaza and the evil empire back for more.
These people are not that stupid, they follow the long held American agenda of restraining,weakening and destroying Israel under their lie of peace.
What is shocking is how stupid Prostitute Minister Netanyahu and stupid Israel continue to buy into the two state final solution of the new Nazi's in Washington whom they have placed above God.
They are evil and Christians in America are naive just like Israel is and headed for a great slaughter directly because of America's evil agenda.
(How do you think God will repay America for their evil ?)
The reason that Israel has become so naive, blind and stupid is because they chase after their American Idol and have forgotten God.

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