Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Homo tyranny is on the rise

When evil, fascist perverts rule,God's judgments are not far behind

The most intolerant bunch are the wicked perverts, just like their jihad brothers from another mother they are the children of lies and darkness and more lies.
Deception and treachery are their way and life.
There is no truth in them because their hearts and souls are planted in the garden of evil and their fruit is 100% Satanic.
Hell is the eternal future of the wicked who serve the kingdom of darkness.
The devious one has secretly cut funding to Egypt,no doubt because his Muslim Brotherhood pals are taking a tumble.
Hussein Obama's Bad boy Badie arrested.
Hillary's left hand Muslim Brotherhood gal pal  Huma Abedin is not doing well ,first she married the pervert Anthony Weiner to advance her dark,nefarious Islamic agenda here in America and then her not so great Obama has been unable to rescue her Muslim brotherhood terrorist family in Egypt.
All he can do is twiddle his thumbs and pout in the corner because nobody on the planet listens to him anymore except for the stooges in Israel who think America is Israel's God. Not for long !
What will the impotent one's next move be to get his ego stroked ?

The virus is untreatable and can be transmitted by a tick bite in a matter of minutes

This new and extremely dangerous threat is growing exponentially and will cause wide spread fear,making people who do not know the LORD prisoners in their own homes.
It will probably kill more people than 'the un-named terrorists'
God is reminding proud man how small,INSIGNIFICANT and how limited he is with a tiny,tiny tick you can barely see.

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