Friday, August 02, 2013



Woman, 84, attacked by rare bacteria in Gulf, loses leg

Arizona Department of Health Services are investigating an outbreak of bloody diarrhea in the West Valley.
It is believed that the condition is caused by a class of bacteria that produces a toxin. The toxin can cause serious illness, kidney failure and even death.

“Something as small as a mosquito took down a man that we know as strong and active,” Allan Shipman said.

Girl Contracts Brain-Eating Parasite at Water Park

The cyclospora outbreak that has sickened nearly 400 people in 15 states
Even as an outbreak of parasite-borne illness continues to sicken more U.S. consumers, state and federal officials are refusing to identify the brand or producer of prepackaged salad mix blamed for illnesses -- leaving diners to guess which leafy greens have made people sick and wondering, once again, how to keep themselves safe.

It finally leaked out in a whisper on the radio that it's Taylor Brand out of Mexico.(ABC News)
The corrupt globalists hold American farmers to more stringent rules than they do foreign food imports.The system is cracked,broken and collapsing and people are getting sick and dying because of the criminally incompetent government,USDA/ FDA.
and more misery is on the way to the sinful planet.

Repent,time is growing short

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