Thursday, August 29, 2013

Wake up and Smell the Coffins

The rapture will not rescue Christians from these tribulations, the rapture will not occur until Seal 6. Are you spiritually, mentally, and physically prepared for the end times? Could you live without electricity, running water, grocery stores, police protection, etc? If you die are you sure that you will go to heaven?
In some dark,evil places the Bible is pornography

Some of the musicians were also found to have bibles when they were detained and all were treated as political dissidents.

The Road to Hell is paved with our good intentions intervention to punish Assad

We are very stupid leaders who masquerade as the wizened elite who know what they are doing,so let's focus on this chemical weapons attack (possibly carried out by Assad's enemies) to help our al Qaeda terrorist partners whom we call the'Syrian Free Flea Army', so that this our latest failed, pompous war intervention can bring about and even worse global scenario, nuclear annihilation.
By all means,please ignore our long train of failures from Afghanistan to Iraq on to Libya and Egypt.
Order out of Chaos,so we must deliver major chaos for our darkest new world-disorder.

"This is the first use of chemical warfare in the 21st Century," said UK Foreign Secretary William Hague. "It has to be unacceptable... or we will confront even bigger war crimes in the future."

“Yosemite” was the name they gave to the Native Americans who lived inside the region we now call Yosemite. The name means “they are killers.”

Interesting that a tremendous wildfire would erupt just outside of Yosemite and then spread into it, a place with the name meaning “they are killers” on the heels of peace talks in Jerusalem in which President Obama forced the Israelis to release murderers, “killers,” onto their streets as part of the “deal.” Yosemite is literally on the “west bank” of America. The Obama-pushed peace talks are negotiating the fate of the “West Bank” of Israel. It has been reported that President Obama pushed the European Union to boycott goods from Israel’s West Bank as a means of economic punishment. Now, $1 billion has been spent fighting 51 fires in our western states, not to mention the tourist dollars that have gone up in flames as well, particularly in Yosemite.


Steve said...

You may want to mention your sources - RunningFromBabylon and EndOfTimesForecaster - both blogspot dot com sites.

Steve said...

you may want to attribute your sources: Charmaine at and William Frederick at EndTimesForecaster.

Marcel said...

Dear Steve,
Give me a break,is that possible ?

They were both clearly attributed with a link to their website blogs.

AND THE FACT THAT I EMAILED Mr.FREDERICK AND TOLD HIM THAT I linked HIS 'Wake up and Smell the Coffins' to my blog,That's not good enough for you ?
Nice try but no cigar.

I await your apology.

Marcel said...

I guess you are too proud to admit you jumped to the wrong conclusion?

Your attempt to bring my character into question by insinuating that I stole someone else's writings is not good and deserves a humble man to admit he was dead wrong.
I'm disappointed in you,proud one but I always defer my defense to the Lord.
He knows the motive of your heart which led you to play detective and blind judge with me and fail at both.

Steve said...

Dear Marcel -

I read the posting and saw no mention of William Frederick, Charmaine Eggers, Running From Babylon, or End Times Forecaster. So I pointed out your oversight. The first posting did not appear to post so I tried again. This was not an assault on your character and, of course, you are free to delete my comment or email me. I assumed no malice and made no judgment statement. Your over-reaction to my comment is surprising.

Marcel said...

'So I pointed out your oversight.' ?


So I was wrong in pointing out anything, I could have stopped by to comment on a story or even a spirit led rebuke to a brother, but my flesh got the best of me and I jumped to a wrong conclusion,and I'm sorry for that.
I read the posting and saw no mention of William Frederick, Charmaine Eggers.

YOU DIDN'T LOOK except to find something negative to spout off.

Your cheap stunt revealed your intent to me.
If you would have looked you would have seen the only attribution needed,the excerpt I quoted linked DIRECTLY to their blogs.

Why do you keep trying to impress me with Charmaine when garden girl wants to be know as garden girl ?
I'm not impressed.

The fact that you have failed to apologize does not surprise me.

I don't have or hold a grudge towards you ,it's just so sad that you refuse to look in the mirror.