Wednesday, August 10, 2011

'all who lift it will be cut in pieces'

It's only begun,God's promise to cut in pieces any and all who meddle with His agenda for Israel and Jerusalem.
On the Jewish remembrance of Tisha B' Av this year London burned and the U.S. economy took a kick in the groin.
God is letting his people know that He is angry with ALL the Nations.

I will start with the New Zealand  earthquake which brought great death and destruction to Christ Church.
They jumped on the bash,attack,abuse Israel bandwagon with the Mossad/passports issue while always turning a blind eye to Islamic atrocities against Israel.
Israel has every right to target every single murderer of Jews without apology to anyone !
Symbolic but hard to miss for alert believers - Judgment begins at the house of God.

And then we had the major 9.0 earthquake and tsunami that hit north eastern Japan.
They've had a love affair with the bloodthirsty murders of Jews,the so called Palestinian people for some time, funding (this treacherous,evil death cult which even the blind can see do not want any real peace with Israel) with millions and millions of Yen even after they learned that they teach their babies to hate and kill Jews. Now they are so busy with their crumbling,radioactive economy that there is some hope that their support for the Palestinian's will dry up.
That would be a wise move.

On to Norway where Israel is always portrayed as the bad party while the intolerant ,hate fed and led death worshiping cult of the false prophet Mohammed are always portrayed as the poor innocent victims.
For this Norway gets the mark of evil and devoted resurgent Nazi's of 2011.
One of their own blue eyed, blond children murdered 77 of his brothers and sisters as the once stable fabric of Norway now shows early signs of being cut in pieces.

The list continues to grow with the U.K. receiving the promise of God on those who assume to divide Jerusalem and Israel to evil Islam.London has had more fires of destruction than since the Nazi Blitzkrieg of WWII and the mindless violence has only begun to cut in pieces what is left of terminal Britain.

Moving along to the U.S. which is slowly collapsing under an evil leader who follows the Bush,Clinton,Bush syndicate of evil against Israel with their counterfeit 2 state peace scam,(all intended to destroy Israel by the fakepeace process)
The killer Joplin,Mo tornado cut the city in half after Tuscaloosa,Alabama was hard hit in the most severe tornado outbreak ever along with mass flooding ,droughts,fires as severe record breaking heat continues to bake the sleeping,perverted, sodomite nation headed for the ash heap of history.

The U.S. which leads this evil agenda against Israel masquerades as a friend,but it is Israel's greatest foe and will suffer the greatest of all.  in one hour (America) Babylon is fallen

The Holy One of Israel is sending a message to all the Nations. He keeps His word !
'It will come about in that day that I will make Jerusalem a heavy stone for all the peoples; all who lift it will be severely injured(cut in pieces). And all the nations of the earth will be gathered against it.'
Zechariah 12:3
That day has arrived !
But the proud,blind,wicked and cursed fools aren't listening and this is what to expect next and where Isaiah 28:22b comes in;
'For I have heard from the Lord GOD of hosts, A destruction determined even upon the whole earth.'

None of these wicked,perverted nations thought they would have to pay a price for selling out ISRAEL and the Jewish people to the followers of unmecrciful and without compassion allah,also know as the Father of Lies, Satan.
They thought it would be an easy no cost sacrifice to the bloodthirsty,murderous,can't even get along with themselves,no freedom,death cult of Islam.

And lets not forget the Arab/Islamic nations suffering severe injury as the perverted western media keep selling us a false Arab Spring.
There is no 'Spring' in Islam ,only death and destruction.

All the nations have hell to pay and it's just begun.the time of great tribulation has just begun. 


jdb said...

Amen! Peace to Israel and Praise to The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, The One True and Living God - there is none like Him!

jdb said...

Amen! Peace to Israel and Praise to The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, The One True and Living God - there is none like Him!

David said...

Christians are not to use an eye for an eye But then again most of Israel is not a believer in our messiah. John 3:36 "He who believes in the Son has eternal life; but he who does not obey the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God abides on him. John 8:42 Jesus said to them "If God were your Father you would love Me; for I proceeded forth and have come from God, Vs 44 You are of your father the devil. Read John 8:19 God uses the devil to punish. Unless anyone turns to the Messiah, they are lost.

Marcel said...

"Christians are not to use an eye for an eye"

I'm not supposed to shine the light of scripture which shows what God will do to those who arrogantly and wickedly assume to divide Israel and Jerusalem ?

Most Christians in America are lukewarm having lost their salt and are good for nothing but to be cast out and trodden down under the feet of men.

And you do remember what Jesus said He would do with the lukewarm 'Christians' of Laodecia ?