Monday, August 08, 2011

It's Much Worse Than Just Economic Collapse

I've known beyond any doubt that the reason God gave us President Obama was to judge us for our wickedness. The destroyer has done his job well and we now have the change that leads to our final destruction.

It's much more than just an economic collapse.
As it was With the Roman Empire the 'barbarians' are at the gate.
You can be sure that our enemies will be there to kick us when we are down along with some old friends.
I first heard this message in 1991 from Romanian Christian Dimitru who was sent her to warn America of what was coming.
Ever since then I have been watching and waiting for this part (below) of his prophecy to happen here.
I don't think we are too far away.
We are already seeing roaming, young,lawless mainly angry black gangs,blackberry,flashmobs targeting whites around ChicagoPhiladelphia,Wisconsin and spreading.
Are you watching London ? 3 nights in a row now.
This growing unrest all comes with the economic collapse now under way.
It won't take much to set off an explosive nation of angry,broke and hungry millions who finally wake up to the truth ,that their American dream is gone never to return and only third world status and worse awaits.
The liars and manipulators in the media and government will not be able to hide the truth much longer and the duped masses will turn into enraged mobs.  

' from the middle of the country, some of the people will start fighting against the government. The government will be busy with internal problems.'

confirmation that this is prophetic warning is coming to pass

a new warning

there will be money printing and there will be war.


The U.S. market crash was occurring as the 9th of Av was starting in Israel;
Tisha B'Av marked by mass Western Wall prayer in Jerusalem

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