Saturday, August 06, 2011

Is Texas Governor Rick Perry Hustling Christian Right ?

Will Gov. Perry seduce Christian voters as Texas Governor George Wicked Bush did to get elected President ?
The prayer and fasting without repentance rally in Houston,Texas is another scam.
It worked so well for Skull & Bones,NWO wolf Bush twice that maybe NWO wolf Perry figures to seduce the naive Christian Right again ?
It's simple, get his excited,devoted, energized,seduced Christian Right  base on fire and running his election so he can make a dash for the White House.
Hucksterby understood this but couldn't fool enough Christian's. Charismatic pretty boy Perry can.

Christians who lost their first love and run to polluted political wells are easy pickings !
It's all going to be a soft religious sell so as not to offend the wicked.It's an easy job to deceive God's people and when the stupid voters are in your pocket you give them the Bush treatment ;
' forget about em until you need their vote again'
No mention of the destruction the homosexual agenda is bringing on this nation,no mention of the decades of government sanctioned killing of babies or the U.S. led agenda to divide up Israel which brings a death sentence on this nation and no call for Christians to repent or for this godless nation to turn around.
Just more lying,corrupt,polluted politics infesting and polluting God's house.
Those who are seduced by this politician have fallen into a trap.
It's a politically correct show meant to draw backslid, deceived Christian's to follow another false political messiah.

Revelation calls her a whore
I would think that Christian's who think politics is God's answer would have tired of being used like a cheap prostitute and waken up by now after being duped by the other Texan.
This being in bed with the corrupt,Satan controlled world system is not what Jesus taught.
That is who Perry serves and if you can't see it you are deceived !

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