Saturday, August 13, 2011

September 20, 2011

Could so many be missing the bigger picture ?
The Arab front line Jihad army,also known as Fatah/Hamas,Palestinian's have picked September 20th for their U.N. move.
Could it be more than just that  brewing ? 

What better way to unite the fractured,deeply divided Arab/Islamic nations busy with internecine fighting among themselves than an attack on Israel to defend the 'rights' of their fellow jihad army,Fatah/Hamas,AKA Palestinians ?

It sure gets more appealing to Syria's Assad every day as his citizens now openly call for his execution.
War -What a way to go out and get revenge on his people and Israel at the same time.

With the great majority of Israel distracted with introspection of the lint ball in their navel this creates more of a temptation for their crafty neighbors,and this temptation is growing daily.
And then we have a majority of Americans distracted by another 'rigged' 12 Ring Election Circus show.

Israel needs to get off the tainted false peace mothers milk of her mama, America and get her eyes off her navel, and get ready for the possible mother of all months,September.

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