Saturday, August 20, 2011

Desperate Man Crawling

Muslims can smell weakness and fear from Israel.The eyewitness accounts of some Egyptian soldiers doing the shooting in the terrorist attack near Elait was quickly 'disappeared' by the Israeli government media too fearful and cowardly to get aggressive with the military junta in Cairo.
Smelling the cowardly retreat expert Ehud Barak in retreat ,the Egyptians decided to take the offensive and boy did they ever. Ehud the crawler and his sidekick the orator were told by their pimp in Washington to crawl and beg and apologize to the terrorists enablers.  

Egypt was culpable if not completely responsible for this attack against Israel and yet Israel is the one required to apologize so says her phony ally the U.S.
Israel should be the angry one and demanding more than an apology. 
This is a serious escalation and shows how easily Israel has been reduced to dhimmi,beggar status across the world.
All the death worshipers of Islam have to do is threaten and the fearful, panic striken dhimmi's in Jerusalem wet their pants,apologize,retreat, run to Washington crying for daddy to save them.
I wonder when the Israeli street is going to wake up and dump the cowards who couldn't stand up to a flea and only talk tough to deceive them ?
The enemy and Israel's pseudo friends know they can push Israel around at will and that the quislings Netanyahu and Barak will always fold like a cheap suit.

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