Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Biggest News

The biggest news of August so far is how Syria's Assad easily gets away with genocide against his own people for five months now and what disturbs the US,UN,EU most is that the Jews have decided to build more homes on their meager sliver of  land.
The land of Israel that the nopeace pimps want to cut up as a reward to the Islamic hordes for their hate,intolerance and murder of Jews.
The global elites know the Muslims don't want peace but they keep pushing Israel to surrender.
What goes around comes around to the nations as we see with Japan,Norway,New Zealand,the U.K.London and an E.U. overrun with the death cult of Islam and of course the crumbling U.S. under the destroyer Hussein Obama.
The whole concept of 2 states and dividing Jerusalem is asinine to the nth degree.
It's a recipe for Armageddon.
The Arabs/Palestinians don't need another nation or any more land ,they have too much already.

Not much has changed since Hitlers final solution agenda except that it has gone global and the U.S. has taken the place of the Nazi's with their final solution Road Map.
slowly killing the oceans
The big money business and media corrupter$ will just cover up the true extent of the damage as they have done with the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.
Is it the food or something worse ?
Why is there an uptick in women falling to their deaths this summer ?
Niagara Falls
Ladies and gentlemen ,safety first and stop the carelessness which leads to these preventable accidents.


exjob-expat said...

Those White House weevils have even been deleting references to "Jerusalem, Israel" to try to stymie a case regarding birth certificates going through the courts.
Daniel Pipes reports it here: http://www.danielpipes.org/10050/white-house-mischief
The white house seems to be run by the "father of lies".

Marcel said...

Jerusalem begins to cut in pieces the whole world.
Zechariah 12:3

September should be a doozey.

The same agenda has been going on without stop Carter to Bush1 to Clinton to Bush 2 to Obama.

The stupid voters in the U.S. think they have a real choice in the Oligarchy.
Both Republican and Democrat party platforms call for a Filisten state in the heart of Israel.

America's done gone rotten and evil just like the rest of the world.
Joel 3:2 ALL means ALL.