Monday, August 22, 2011

Israel's harsh response that wasn't

"Superficial responses are not enough," IDF officers.

"a wider scope of issues that need to be taken into consideration."

This was the pathetic excuse from Israel as to why fearful and cowardly Israeli leaders responded with such hot air, ineptitude, weakness and empty threats to Gaza's major attack on Israel's cities.

The real reason is that Washington's two favorite poodles,Netanyahu and Barak are on a very tight leash and they have been trained to roll over on command.
"President Obama is on vacation and he told us not to retaliate or escalate in Gaza as this would ruin his vacation.
We must listen to our Master over and above Israels interests because that is what a good lap dog does.Better to be seen as weak than to disobey Master Obama."
That would have been the truthful answer.
Netanyahu and Ehud are 'just following orders'as the Fourth Reich has restrained Israel into passive non response,appeasement and surrender as they are marched back into the ovens,this time all of Israel being the oven.

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