Saturday, August 20, 2011

Israel in Denial

Update : Israel has to apologize to Egypt for being attacked by fellow Muslims and for Egypt's failure to secure the Sinai from fellow Muslim terrorists who maimed and murdered many Israeli's .
So says the evil U.S.government

After religiously following the U.S. led peace process for eighteen years Israel is farther from peace than ever.

While the majority of Israeli's have been busy protesting high prices and 'social injustice' the collapse of the Israel Egypt peace treaty has occurred. 
Those in Israel who placed their faith in America Babylon for peace and security instead of God are either in denial or panic and fear.
Every supposed good thing that came from Israel submitting to America's agenda instead of God's plan has melted away,collapsed and revealed as a facade of lies that it always was.
The U.S. led Road Map has been a farce since day one but Israel's leaders are too faithless,weak and fearful to jump off this train headed to the death camps.
Their god America has proven to be just another worthless idol.
When will Israel dump the idol worshipers Netanyahu ,Barak,Livini etc. and replace them with men and women of real faith,a faith that does not capitulate under any pressure,a faith that obeys God instead of corrupt lying men ?

The time is long past for Israel to stop being the cheapest prostitute to the global pimp,America Babylon.

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