Monday, August 29, 2011

Israel's Military Restraint is Bankrupt

'The world likes their Jews to go quietly without a fight and we aim to please'

Also, I am highly educated at the best American university and my first priority is to serve and please failed American interests above Israel.They chose me as their foreign agent because as such a good, slick talker I have duped the no longer right Likud to follow me to hell, and as a well trained lap dog I roll over on command. Me and my sidekick, the loser Ehud are very pleasing to Obama and Hilllary  and that's what it's all about.
You know;
"Just following orders "

Eight wounded ,one seriously,in Tel Aviv Islamic terrorist attack

talkback: 45. What a Surprise

Let's see what the leftist press does with this one. What a shock that Arabs don't like secular Tel Aviv druggies any better than they like those evil nasty settlers the loony left is always whining about!

Israeli Mother ,   Israel   (08.29.11)

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