Saturday, August 20, 2011


You can see 'coverup' between the lines of this article.

The IDF estimates that several terrorists were deliberately operating near Egyptian security officials. The difficulty in distinguishing between the Egyptians and the terrorists added to the confusion among Israeli forces, who may have mistakenly hit Egyptian police officers.
the terrorists were armed with a variety of weapons and means including explosives, grenades and restraints, which indicated that they intended "not only to kill but also to kidnap Israelis."
"an attack that could have ended in a massive abduction,"

How could an attack and massive abductions take place so close to Egyptian soldiers who happened to be close enough to get shot ?
How were Hamas going to transport the kidnapped Israeli's to their final destination and get past Egyptian border police on the Gaza border ?  

How could an Egyptian outpost miss fellow Islamic terrorist cell movements so close to them and across the border into Israel ?The truth is that Egyptians were in on it for the simple fact that numerous Israeli eyewitness's under attack said at the beginning there were Egyptian soldiers in uniform shooting at them.

These eye witness accounts have all disappeared from the media because Israel's current leadership is too weak and fearful to confront the Egyptians and is more comfortable on it's knees begging. 

instead of dealing with the changing reality Israel's golden calf club chooses to hold onto lies and delusions.


exjob-expat said...

There was definitely a change in the story. I remember readin an eye-witness report which said "An Egyptian soldier was shooting at me".
A new report here: says much the same.
Egypt has ended up getting a pass and an apology for its security officers being killed, when they were likely involved in the attack. It's very difficult to tell a "good" from a "bad" Egyptian soldier. It is really time for Israel to completely defeat Hamas, and stop accepting rockets as if it is the norm.

Marcel said...

Really sad but this is what happens to Israel for chasing like a whore after her false god of no peace,America Babylon.

Just like I said from the beginning.

Israel can't do anything but apologize with wimps at the helm.