Sunday, July 28, 2013

Benjamin Netanyahu, Prostitute Minister of Israel

Bayit Yehudi: PM Elected to Make Right, Not Difficult Decisions

'So you have to trust that we in the Israeli government know what we are doing by looking to the US with it's unmitigated failures in Iraq and Afghanistan,it's many betrayals of allies such as the Shah of Iran, which by the way started this mess, it's diabolical hand in bringing Hamas to power in Gaza,the Muslim Brotherhood to power in Egypt and the ongoing mess they created in Libya.
We fools in Jerusalem ignore God and instead trust our American god with greatly misplaced faith.'
As the all time champion of appeasement P.M. Netanyahu continues to out-shame Neville Chamberlain.
Only God can break this pimp and prostitute relationship between the US and Israel and He will and it will be catastrophic for the arrogant, hustler empire of false peace.
The faith challenged prostitute Netanyahu does his part well.
The enemies of God could not defeat Israel at war so they decided to defeat Israel with peace.
Christian's,it is the US leading this evil war against God.
How do you think He will respond to this reprobate, dark nation playing God (on top of this treacherous betrayal of tiny Israel) pushing filth and perversity across the globe ?
These are noting more than surrender talks under the leading of a nefarious and treacherous enemy who masquerades as an ally.
Sadly, because Israel has forgotten their God they follow lying idols instead.

'And by peace shall destroy many'

Daniel 8

You could not be defeated in war so instead we defeat you with lies and delusions of peace
The faith challenged Israeli leadership brings disaster and not peace 
You can always count on the wimps in Jerusalem to serve the interests of their foreign gods before Israel.
Lets face it ,Israel's secular leaders are weak followers of America's failed land for rockets and jihad agenda.
They are incapable of remaining firm under pressure and resisting evil because they are spineless followers who always capitulate under pressure.
Israel For Sale,Very Cheap
For Israel to survive there has to be leadership who understand that America is not Israel's God ,one who can cut the chains of indentured servitude.
May God intervene on Israel's behalf against the imposter god,soon and severe.


YHVH said...

more prophetic news

Marcel said...

It's no surprise to see this train wreck called 'peace process' rounding the final curve at high speed.

Jesus told us what would happen and what He would do,getting the attention of all the nations.
By the time He is done He will have ended the delusion of Israel that America is their God and of the fool atheists forever.