Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Will Obama Drive Egypt Back Into Russia's Arms?

Obama orders review of U.S. aid to Egypt

During Morsi's Islamization of Egypt,Obama never called for a review of US aid to Egypt.
Only now when Obama's nefarious agenda is thwarted does he call for a review all the F-16's,weapons and billions of dollars to an Egypt now freeing itself from the grip of the extremist Muslim Brotherhood that Obama worked so hard to make kosher.
Wake up Israel,time to stop covering up and report on the people of Egypt's anti-Obama sentiments.

I think jilted Obama can't resist his impulse to get even with those who messed up his plans and money is always the weapon of tyrants and bullies.
The out of control,big spending narcissist in Chief got his feelings hurt when Egypt's Military didn't follow his orders.
Muslim Brotherhood Islamic extremist President of Egypt Morsi was Obama's hope for the Islamization of Egypt as he has done with Libya and working on doing in Syria.
Will the idiot Obama's desire to get even with those in Egypt disobedient to his will end America's influence over Egypt and drive Egypt back into Russia's arms ? >
China also has deep pockets and would gladly take over America's role with Egypt,all bad for Israel.

Morsi’s fall is a blow to Mideast Islamists and President B.Hussein Obama

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