Wednesday, July 24, 2013


UPDATE: Sunday July 28th- Former Tropical Storm Dorian has now degenerated into a tropical wave, and the odds of it regenerating into a full-fledged storm appear to be low.

America will pay dearly for dividing up Israel- Joel 3

UPDATE: July 27, Dorian on Life Support

update: Where will Dorian be on Tuesday, 30 July ? 

Dorian has started out strong and healthy winds, 50 mph gusting to 65 moving at 20.
That's impressive so early on,this one bears close watching in my book.Being a native Floridian
with memories of Donna in 61',the bigger they are the greater the area of destruction.
If this one gets big,it could do serious damage over a wide area,and we're long overdue.Watching and preparing -4:31 am Thursday.

Dorian ,where are you going,what is your final destination,will you fizzle out like Chantal ?
I tried to find satellite imagery for last week when Kerry was in Israel pressuring Netanyahu to give in to evil and reward it. This is today, July 24.
I wouldn't be surprised if this system began while Kerry was still in Israel.

Tropical Storm Dorian to Approach Leewards This Weekend

A tropical system (Dorian- Greek -from the sea) that moved off the coast of Africa last weekend has become the fourth tropical storm of the 2013 Atlantic season Wednesday.

The big news story for the weekend of God's creation of this whirlwind;

Mideast peace talk progress, announced by Secretary of State John Kerry

I'm just a watchman and the connection with Dorian to America's treachery against Israel under the guise of peace with Kerry's, 'Steal Israel's Land' surrender talks bears watching.
I know the fury of God against the nation at the forefront of dividing Israel and wrote about it on Thursday of last week.

Like many tropical storms,it could be nothing and just fizzle out, but the timing, Zechariah 12:3 and the fact that I live in already rain drenched Florida leads me to stay alert and keep both eyes open.
Immediately after President Bush threatened Israeli PM Sharon to drive fellow Jews in Gaza from their land God raised up Katrina to strike the Gulf Coast and New Orleans,driving out 10 X's the number of people.
The Lord keeps reminding me (for the purpose of warning the wicked) that He is judging the wicked and this stood out in my morning reading of God's word before I ever heard of Dorian.

Before your pots can feel the burning thorns,
He shall take them away as with a whirlwind,As in His living and burning wrath.
Psalms 58

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