Tuesday, July 30, 2013

PM Netanyahu's Release of 104 Islamic Terrorists Proves Two Things

1. Islamic terrorism works,it pays off well.
2. Jewish blood is cheap.
I'll do just about anything to please my Washington gods
"khyber al-Yahud" -kill the Jews
The foolish people of Israel have failed to learn from their own history and are 'dying' to repeat it.
The false god they serve,America Babylon has seduced them with lies of peace.
The faith challenged,spineless follower Netanyahu does not have the conscience or moral ability to say no to the idol he and Israel serve and prostrate before.
Starting at the beginning of Islam's relations with the Jews it's been one of genocide and slaughter,with Banu Qurayza  in 627 AD up to Gush Katif in 2005 and the Islamic gifts to the Jews,especially of Sderot for Israel's generous surrender and capitulation.
Today, the secular,the godless,the perverted and the masochists of Israel who have forgotten their God want more.They are determined to please everyone and everything but the Holy One of Israel.

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