Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Israel is Stuck at the Wall

Israel is stuck at the Wall under the chains of fear and submission to Islam and the reprobate nations, trapped in the false peace ghetto. They refuse to go up and reclaim their most holy place and to seek the Lord,having settled for compromise with evil which always fails.
The devil loves the status quo, when Gods people are stuck and not advancing but imprisoned. Soon Israel will need to break through the Wall to survive.
That is the Church and Israel today. Israel is content to stand before an inconsequential wall to pray and argue and fight with each other instead of ascending to the Temple Mount where God said His presence would always be.
The Israeli Police actually arrest fellow Jews if they are even permitted to go up which is rare,and even look like they are praying anywhere on the Temple Mount.
Out of fear the faith challenged leaders have surrendered to Islam which the nation is under submission to.
Satan continues to dominate Israel's most holy place
Israel has 'given up' their heritage and what is most Holy to appease evil and that never works.
Because of this Israel will not have peace but war.
That is the spiritual significance of the Dome of the Abomination over Israel today and it must and will change.
Israel’s secular political elite are like the 10 spies of the bad report before Moses and the Congregation.They see themselves as grasshoppers next to the giant Islam and bully empire America, planting fear and following of lying idols and their false peace.
Instead of planting faith in the God of Abraham,Issac and Jacob,they plant submission to false gods that enslave them.
That is PM Netanyahu and Israel today.
A major shaking must occur for Israel to break through the Wall and ascend up to the Temple Mount to praise and serve God instead of religiously serving their false god America Babylon.
God will have to remove this stumbling block from Israel to get the attention of His people.
Tear down the high place, the abomination of Islam’s Dome of the Lie that is lifted high in Satanic pride over the place of God’s presence and Islam will die.
The Prophet Elijah gave us a taste of tearing down abominations and there have been too few examples in our day with only fear,stagnation, defeat and retreat instead.
That is the last thing Satan and the world want Israel to do.
Satan’s threats keeps Israel a slowly,dying,unclean, starving prisoner to him, unable to freely serve God ,serving fear instead.
As Israel is so is the Church, fighting and divided.
Don’t let the false teachers separate and cut you off from the root of the tree you are grafted on to. There are many popular false teachers out there who are doing just that and this is why the Church is so weak and anemic.
I believe Jesus is soon to shake the earth, His remnant Israel and remnant Church. When a dark chapter in Israel’s life was closing God raised up His faithful servant Nehemaiah to rebuild what was torn down in Jerusalem. Watch Jerusalem because it is ground zero for the cosmic showdown between the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of darkness.
Those who do not gather with Messiah Jesus and what He is soon to do in the earth will scatter. Jerusalem will be His seat of rule over all the earth and the devil can’t stop it.

However You are just in all that has befallen us;
For You have dealt faithfully,
But we have done wickedly.
Nehemiah 9:33

Rabbi Chaim Richman's Vision for the Temple


YHVH said...

3rd Temple construction is getting steam recently, the Abommination of Desolation will I think happen soon though at the Temple Mt.??
http://www.jta.org/2013/07/09/news-opinion/israel-middle-east/holy-work-or-troublemaking-laying-the-groundwork-for-a-third-temple-in-jerusalem I think they will start the sacrafices as soon as they can

Marcel said...

It's evident that am yisrael with the help of the ruling tribe of grasshoppers who bow only to foreign gods is 'stuck at the wall.'

Only the LORD can move His people out of their coma to rise up and worship Him and not America Babylon whom they chase after and bow to for peace and security instead of Him.

Think about the deep love.mercy and patience He has for such a stubborn,rebellious people,myself included compared to the backstabbing god Israel now serves!

Time is getting short to RETURN to Him and dump the worthless idol.