Wednesday, July 17, 2013

New Burgas bombing evidence points at Hezbollah

Bulgarian foreign minister says investigators still don’t know identity of perpetrators

This is the biggest cover up I've seen in a long time.
They had the Burgas Airport security camera video picture of the white,red haired western bomber and they had his US passport along with what they said was a 'fake' Michigan drivers license.
Not too long after, the good quality photo disappeared from the media.
They knew who he was from day one and there was no wig.
The next day all mention of the US passport disappeared from the controlled media and they photo shopped a changed address on the recovered drivers license.
Do you remember the white American woman from Michigan who died alongside the Syrian Islamic terrorists fighting Assad earlier this year?
It's easy to figure out why Bulgaria and Israel will never find the perpetrators.
This was before the 2012 rigged Obama Presidential elections and the truth would have been bad PR for the Muslim in the White House.
It would make Obama look bad that Hezbollah has a branch of white American converts in the US out on global jihad missions and that Michigan is so infested with Islamic terrorists recruiting Americans because of the duplicitous US immigration agenda.
How is it that these amateurs can so easily dupe the masses ?

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