Monday, July 29, 2013

Israel is in Grave Danger

Going to Washington for peace instead of God will be tragic for Israel,fatal for America

I remember not too long ago, just last December when the quasi leader Netanyahu called up the IDF reserves to finally defeat Hamas in Gaza after decades of weakness and restraint and thousands of missiles on Israel's cities, how it only took the Secretary of the Dark Empire Hillary to come to the rescue of Hamas.
How quickly the Empire’s well trained poodle Netanyahu retreated the IDF to please his god.
You never achieve peace by appeasement and capitulation to evil.
The quintessential lap dog,idol worshiper will only bring bad results to Israel.
God has already laid out the only peace plan (Exodus 23:27-.33) while Israel follows every failed plan but His.
Rebels against God never find peace.

Isaiah 28 speaks to Israel's peace covenant with death
Peace Talks Straight Ahead

Israel is in grave danger with devious politicians,godless,secular fools in power who think America is Israel's God.
Disobeying God and serving lying idols never brings anything good to the rebels.
Disaster is what it's going to take for stubborn Israel to return to God.
Washington will be remembered in hindsight by surviving Jews as the idolatrous and abominable sin of Israel in turning away from God,a national sin that brought great destruction and no peace to Israel.

Israel's tolerance for wickedness and perversity bodes ill for the nation

Is it any wonder why Israel's only victory in battle since 1973 was at Gush Katif against fellow Jews obedient to God's call to build up ZION ?
Why retreat is what the IDF now does best ?
How General 'retreat and appease' Barak fled South Lebanon in the middle of the night ,betraying the SLA as he ran,giving great encouragement to the enemy and a grave threat on Israel's northern borders.
Why the IDF failed to defeat Hezbollah in 2006 and Hamas twice, the last time in December of 2012 with another retreat before the enemy was soundly defeated.
The devious government had the nerve to call it a 'victory' when Hamas is still a major threat.
The IDF has become a joke ,only good for bulldozing Jewish homes to please their pervert gods in Washington.

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