Monday, July 29, 2013

The Lure,The Trap And The Untimely Death

The doctor will see you now

Christian Benitez dies suddenly of suspected heart attack aged 27

We have a popular,young,naive stupid Soccer star with a bulls eye first name who is drawn to Qatar to play. He has another strike against him being black in an Arab country who like their low on the totem pole black slaves.
Then he gets a stomach ache, (food poisoning ?) and is at the mercy of racist,Muslim slave trader Hospital and doctors who upon reading his admissions form the first thing they see is 'Christian.'
That infidel stuff is frowned upon by all good Muslims,especially on their home turf.
The only thing they like about Christian's is killing them.
The lure made him blind to the very real dangers he would face in allah land.

'When he arrived, he was not seen to quickly.'
'By the time he was admitted he was no longer responding. This happened in Qatar, my daughter is alone there.'

This is another example of how utterly stupid and naive people in West have become.
I've been to enough 'good' hospitals stateside to know they are very dangerous deadly places since America abandoned God and especially if you aren't prayed up,but this guy was a walking target in a dark kingdom. If we have more faith in doctors than we have in Jesus ,we're in serious trouble especially when we will be required to receive the mark of the Obama Beast System for a hospital or doctor's visit.

When people and nation's forget God they become insane
That is what we are witnessing here in America daily and across the globe, pure insanity at every level.
The best example to date is the stupidity of the majority of Israel who after surrendering land for peace got missiles and jihad instead from those whose peace is the graveyard for Jews.
Now the insane grasshoppers of Israel go back for more masochistic servings of Washington's treachery under the delusions of peace.
Clearly two thirds of Israel will not make it and only a remnant will survive.

*Beware of tempting big moves at a time when you are desperate -traps,snares,tests, 
Big mistakes that end up killing us or destroying our witness for the Lord
I'm writing about this because back in the late 70's when I had no money,no job,was in a pickle, I got a tempting job offer to go to Saudi Arabia to train their Air Force mechanics on the Northrop F-5.They flew me across the country and gave me stacks of benefits,insurance books,R&R, and yearly bonus layouts.
I thank God He gave me the strength and wisdom to resist the temptation that would have been a major disaster,my demise (sell out,compromise,betrayal for buckets of bucks) to my walk with the Lord.



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