Friday, July 26, 2013

Crowds Gather-Cairo's Tahrir Square

July 3rd I wrote - Will Obama Drive Egypt Back Into Russia's Arms?


Live Video Feed

This live crowd is anti-Morsi,anti-Muslim Brotherhood, the people General a-Sisi called on to protest against the Islamic 'terrorists' and their violence, 
not the pro Morsi crowd that the devious US media lead the viewers to believe.

Islam - a house divided
When God judges people and nations,no amount of US dollars can stop it.
That hass been the case with decades of US support in the billions of wasted dollars to the corrupt Palestinian Terrorist Authority. If not for US meddling, the Palestinians would have shriveled up and blown away long ago.
I'm reminded today of how US President Jimmy Carter made it possible for the extremist Islamic revolution to overthrow once normal Iran which began the last days countdown now underway.
How George w. Bush's trillion + dollars and wasted war,a catastrophic disaster which brought Iran and Iraq together, and now how Hussein Obama's meddling in Egypt has led to another unfolding catastrophe.
When America's time comes ,we shall pay dearly.

God has sent severe judgment on all those people and countries who fall under the Genesis 12:3 curse.
All the nations are under this curse for going along with the evil agenda of dividing Israel, but Islam with it's great hatred for Israel and the Jews is burning in judgment.

Iraq, post America's failed invasion and occupation is in Sunni,Shiite civil war,Syria is in it's third year of Muslim vs. Muslim civil war with great destruction on all it's cities and millions of refugees and over 100,000 dead.
Pakistan ,Afghanistan are long time war zones.
Tunisia is in turmoil again after the assassination of the opposition leader,Yemen is still at war with al Qaeda militants and I don't have to tell you about Somalia.
And Egypt's divide grows even wider today leading to Isaiah 19 fulfillment.
Can Isaiah 17:1 fulfillment be far off ?
And we have the faith challenged Israel PM Netanyahu surrendering God's land to His enemies under America's false peace lie which leads to war.

No rest for the wicked.
Ezekiel 35
Something I found in the foreign media that the US media was too busy reporting on distractions to report on today.
The US is broke and economic collapse is coming 

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