Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Syria conflict: Top US general outlines military options

'Gen Dempsey acknowledged that the outlined actions would strengthen the opposition and put more pressure on President Bashar al-Assad, but he warned the US should learn from its previous interventions, as in Afghanistan and Iraq.'

...and lets not forget Hamastan,Gaza,Libya,and Egypt Mr. General (and the fools you attempted to reason with)
The Evil Busine$$ of War
Since America has forsaken God,one of many dark thing it has picked up is the status of war monger empire whom God identifies as the 'hammer of the whole earth.' 
Because of America's abominable nature I believe it will fall into the trap God has laid for her.

"A sound of battle is in the land,And of great destruction.
23 How the hammer of the whole earth has been cut apart and broken! How Babylon has become a desolation among the nations!
I have laid a snare for you;You have indeed been trapped, O Babylon,And you were not aware;You have been found and also caught,
Because you have contended against the Lord."
Jeremiah 50

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