Thursday, July 04, 2013

Unhappy Fourth of July

We as Christians should be mourning and not celebrating this day in America.
What are we celebrating,endemic corruption,greed,out of control violence and crime,killing babies,homosexuality as the laws of the land,the exponential attacks,sexual abuse of our children and their murder by evil forces and their revolving door justice and freedom to prey again on the weakest and most innocent,the loss of our religious freedom, the past, long gone ?
There was a day when God's people had the sense to end the celebrations and go to sack cloth and ashes.
When God sent Jeremiah with His very negative message for His people Israel, they also were in too much of a patriotic mood to heed and prepare.
Instead they attacked the messenger and called him every name in the book ,like traitor,unloving,too negative,mean spirited, etc.
They refused to believe that their very own God (of Israel) had put a bulls eye of destruction on them and their land because their hearts were full of idols, just like modern day Christian in America are full of idols.
There really is nothing new under the sun as we see history again repeating itself with God’s backslid people in their proud land full of idol's and delusion.

God NEVER changes,His people do and they always get it wrong: Ezekiel 9


Daniel D said...

Thank you for this message. Everyone is having barbecues and enjoying the day unawares of what is about to happen to America. I decided to forward this to my church pastor. I hope he will read it to the congregation. I don't go to that church anymore anyway so I wouldn't know. I often feel so isolated as if I'm the bad guy when I look at what this country has become and try to warn people,especially Christians.

Daniel D

Marcel said...

Same here Daniel, the upside of being alone,rejected by family,friends and fellow Christians who will not let go of their many idols is that we have the perfect opportunity and time to draw closer to the Lord.
With that we are complete ,full and not alone. We have exactly what it's going to take to get through these darkest of days.

Elijah thought he was alone and God reminded him that He had 7,000 who had not bowed to Baal.
The Lord always has his faithful remnant.

Unknown said...

It was predicted. The rise and fall of the Gentiles in America was predicted, with clarity and purpose, but the remnant so many refer to is not a remnant of Gentiles. It is the remnant of Jacob, whom the Lord promised to restore in the latter days to sanctify his name.

He will perform his work, his strange work, his act, his strange act, and kings and the wise will shut their mouths at him, for that which had not been told them will they see, and that which they had not heard shall they consider.

MaRayEl said...

Your day alas has been mine , alone and writing to my child and ones that I love about what is surly to come- If you follow astrology like the 3 wise men that followed the stars to Christ the savior did, the probable time astrologically for this is now to 2015 and by 2015 we will then have a complete melt down and change in our financing in this country, from how money and property are currently being used- if we get that far - owning anything individually may not be allowed as thinking for yourself will not either ( we will probably be made into slaves who cannot have the energy to think anything )so prepare everyone. We sit in pride while the middle east is already experiencing Armageddon... and when the puppeteers who control all of the countries are ready to use us as the scapegoat - for the worst of their "one world order" dominion they will surly come here- because we still have the most God power -in the world- of course they will come - we are their puppets- but that power to resist has been usurped from the Government's everywhere , and the people have been blinded, so, for depopulation and to wage the war of power- I too do think that the global elite's will come here formidably when they do - pray for us who are alone to be one with the almighty through it - Amen

Marcel said...

Astronomy is good,Astrology is very bad!
You wrote;
'I too do think that the global elite's will come here formidably when they do.'

They came and have been in power for some time and are now in completed,formidable control.

Did you not see going back to President Nixon in 1971 who began the raising up of China to global economic,military power with his 'ping pong diplomacy'?