Monday, July 08, 2013

Egypt,the Next Target on God's Hit list After Syria

It's becoming more clear by the day why Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon are not named in Ezekiel 38's list of nations coming against Israel. They are destroyed.
God is judging Islam and the nations which have brought a curse upon themselves by their hatred for the Jewish people and Israel and it will spread globally.

"Now therefore, do not be mockers,Lest your bonds be made strong;
For I have heard from the Lord God of hosts,
A destruction determined even upon the whole earth."
Isaiah 28:22
All the nations dividing the land of Israel are on God's hit list as Joel 3 clearly warns.
Egypt begins the transition from living to destroyed,another cursed nation under God's judgment for
their hatred and many wars against Israel.
This will be much worse than Syria as it has the easy potential to effect world oil prices and the teetering world economy over night.

"Hitting one ship transiting the Suez canal or a single explosion at the pipeline would suffice to send world oil prices and insurance costs sky high."

The real Muslim Brotherhood behind the veil of lies and their pseudo democracy
“We will stretch our hands to harm anyone of those who attack us,”“We will be a big party to shedding of Egyptian blood,we are Muslim Brotherhood and we hate,we hate everyone and everything,we hate the infidel's we hate the Jew,we hate the Christian ,we now hate the Egyptians that get in our way,we are destroyers and that is what we do best,death is our way and jihad against all living things is the only thing we love ”

The Holy One of Israel is turning His enemies and the enemies of ISRAEL against each other as He did long,long ago. As Syrians/Muslims on Muslims are destroying themselves and their cities going on three years now ,now Egypt begins what their hatred for Israel hatched.

The burden against Egypt.
Behold, the Lord rides on a swift cloud, and will come into Egypt;
The idols of Egypt will totter at His presence, and the heart of Egypt will melt in its midst.
“I will set Egyptians against Egyptians; everyone will fight against his brother,
and everyone against his neighbor, City against city, kingdom against kingdom.
Isaiah 19


Here in this part of Florida we received over 11 inches of rain in just over a week which is more than I've seen in 13 years here.The ground is saturated.
I was asking Jesus 'what's happening' and the thought of a hurricane coming around next that would easily topple many,many trees came to mind along with the other things hurricanes do.
It's like the ground has been prepared for coming disaster ?
Reaping what we have sown
I don't know but wicked,decadent,perverted America is most surely in God's judgment cross hairs He will change,change,CHANGE the gay,happy,celebrating sounds to that of mourning,devastation and great sorrow. He will bring the high look of the wicked down to the dust.

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