Friday, July 26, 2013

Is The Totalitarian Oligarchy Openly Removing Undesirables ?

Elite hacker Barnaby Jack dies ahead of Black Hat event

I think he was exposing information that the bad guys didn't want the public to know about!
It would help to add another layer to Andrew Breitbart and Michael Hastings untimely death,possibly at the hands of govt. high tech 'James Bond' gadgets.
Interesting how the US media hasn't covered this interestingly timed departure of Barnaby yet but a foreign media has on a US story.
I think the dark side are sending another message to keep the cattle corralled.
Stay withing the fenced in area and you will be fine.
They know they can get away with murder and are doing it with impunity with the aim of terrorizing and instilling fear in the little people.
Lenin,Stalin,Hitler,Mao,Pol Pot and countless other despots understood the power of fear.
I have no doubt that the evil ones in our midst will use it just as their master Satan has from the beginning.
Fear God and you have nothing else to fear.

Mystery Illness at Florida Prison,One Dead, 150 Prisoners Quarantined

Yvonne Eugena McBride, 26, died Wednesday from what family members were told was pneumonia.

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