Thursday, May 30, 2013

Who is Nicole Lynn Mansfield ?

Who Was Niccole ?
Another fool Westerner duped into following the false prophet Mohammed who died
fighting someone else's war.
The reason that the ObamaNetwork News would cover this up is that it clearly shows that Islam is not a religion of peace and how it is an insidious threat to America with these diehard,murderous converts like the now dead Nicole and the Nigerian butcher for allah in London.
They don't want to do that ,because they do want to keep importing these Islamic terrorists as we saw with the Boston Chechen jihadists who were getting every form of government assistance while they plotted their killing spree.

CNN- Crescent News Network would not release the name of 'the American' so I knew immediately that a cover up was in progress.

Is the CIA sending out little white girls to fight on the side of al Qaeda in Syria?
I don't think so,I believe like the recent London butcher she was a new convert to the religion of peace hell.
No doubt she voted for Obama.
The criminally incompetentduplicitous US government are too busy screening non Muslims to catch the real terrorists so these home grown jihadist find it way too easy to get past the incompetent FBI and DHS to go and do their jihad.
The US Govt. imported Somali jihadists in Minnesota were the first to go fight for their demon god back in their Somali homeland (al Shabaab)while the TSA perverts and idiots were groping grandma at the airport.

From her Michigan drivers license it's clear she is a convert to Islam.
(I was right ,see update below)
We have a growing problem here in America with Muslims and the criminal government and their expensive whores in the media are solely responsible.

The Michigan Connection

Michigan is a hot spot of threats from Muslim terrorists that the government media prostitutes are covering up.
The ObamaNation now exports Islamic terrorists to overthrow foreign governments

So will the US government media propaganda rats cover up this latest Michigan connection to Islamic terrorism as they successfully did with the other 'convert' suicide Bus bomber in Burgas,Bulgaria?
On the second day of the Burgas attack all global media mention of his US passport was scrubbed as was the Airport security video picture that clearly showed the terrorist, white westerner.
The US media hid the picture and I only happened to find it 'outside' our captured media.

I still haven't figured out how they knew the first day in Bulgaria that it was a 'fake' Michigan drives license ?
These sinister globalists find it so easy to con the brainwashed,dumbed down masses that I am sure we are in for more of their lies.

update: "I didn't think she would stoop that low to go over there and try to harm anybody," Speelman said of her niece

brainwashed- no comment from the FBI, of course not.

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