Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The "peace dividends"' are really coming in for Israel now

Tremble, O earth, at the presence of the Lord, At the presence of the God of Jacob...
Psalm 114:7
For many years Israel's servile politicians told the people that after their suffering,sacrifice,abuse and death 'for the peace' that it would all pay off with the desperately sought after peace coming in real, tangible installments. It never came,not even 1.
All that followed were more demands from the jihad dogs, false friends and worthless allies.
That is where the term 'peace dividend' came from.
Their big mistake was to bypass God and chase after a worthless idol for it.
The blind leading the blind Israeli politicians no longer talk to the people about their promised peace dividends for stupidly following their false god Washington's peace scam.
Instead they are preparing the people for war,a big war with more suffering and death than ever before.
The term 'peace dividend' has disappeared from the Israeli government media propaganda and spin machine.It was a lie from day one.
The lying pimps of no peace in Washington could never deliver what they promised to their star struck lap dogs and puppets in Jerusalem.

”A military and strategic catastrophe for the West and Israel is happening in Syria, and no one in Washington or Jerusalem is lifting a finger” -senior IDF officer

serving worthless idols always brings destruction
The events now in motion lead to WW III and nothing,no one can stop it.

The biggest lesson in this coming judgment on many nations is for Israel.
They have foolishly wasted many years following a peace scam that has always led here.
ISRAEL assumed that Washington was their 'superpower' God who would bring them peace and security.
Their worthless idol brought neither.Only death and destruction comes by way of reprobate America Babylon.

Ignoring God and His commands always bring catastrophe to individuals and nations.
Exodus 23:27-33

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