Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Expect Attempted Cover Up to Protect Chief Rat

Big rats cry 'clueless' and ignorance and order investigation of subordinate rats

I noticed how the establishment globalists rats paraded out their fellow CFR RINO prostitutes like T.Pickering and ex Defense Secretary Robert Gates to defend their liar Obama and the witch Hillary. They really think they have any credibility ?
My question to the Carney barker is; Will you get tired of lying for your boss ? Keeping all those lies from tripping you up will make you old before your time and stress you out quick, dude.

What do you think the end result will be of General Rat Eric Holder(who blocked the senate investigation into his gun running crimes to Mexican drug cartels) investigating his fellow criminals and radical extremists at the IRS.
The job at justice is not justice but covering up their many crimes and trail of gross incompetence.
The media kept their job of the Obama regime's obfuscation and outright lies relatively easy until this past week.
If the media does not get back in line the criminals will do what they always do,threaten and intimidate.
What happens when the corrupt rats investigate each other?
Reminds me of when the liar in chief said he would find those 'terrorists' responsible for the Benghazi attack on September 11 of 2012,more lies,more empty promises.
No accountability at the top,no justice ,just more lies piled on top of lies.Excuses and pleading ignorance or blaming others is the same old tired pattern of trash that has gotten beyond old.
I am so sick and tired of these corrupt liars who obfuscate the truth and so much look forward to God bringing justice because the republicans are too weak and corrupt to bring justice.

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