Thursday, May 16, 2013

Tipping Point

Israel fighting for it's survival will not/can not be restrained by Obama,the EU, the Useless Nations or Putin.
If more mortar and/or Islamic terrorist attacks come from a new Syria front I believer Israel will have to respond with major shock and awe.
They are way behind in sending a strong message to the Islamic world seeing that their naive message of appeasement and capitulation has brought them to the brink and not any peace with the cannibal cult of death.
Netanyahu knows he must also send a strong and long overdue message to Putin and the other hypocrites who are always restraining Israel,using their phony peace scam as the backdrop to tie Israels hands.

Israel knows that they are next on the cannibal Islam menu
Israel knows it must remind the world that never again really means never again.
The Shiite and Sunni's have been butchering each in Syria going into their third genocidal year without any restraint from the hypocrite leaders of the corrupt and reprobate nations.
The only nation these demon driven leaders threaten,bully,pressure and restrain is Israel and Israel has finally awakened to their evil plan.

Israel expecting but not ready for chemical attacks from Syria

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