Monday, May 20, 2013

Religion of Genocide and Extreme Destruction

Muslim on Muslim crimes against humanity and other outrageous atrocities are occurring daily in Syria along with complete utter destruction of everything including cities,villages,
Iraq has now joined the Muslim against Muslim Islamic GENOCIDE full throttle.
And the corrupt,deviant international community of pervert pushes Israel to surrender and appease this evil.
They sacrifice the Jews into the arms of these savage beasts under their lie of peace when this religion of hell cannot even live in peace among each other.
The evil globalist media have intentionally kept the real story hidden, that Islam is behind the massive destruction in Syria while they continue to target Israel for nonsense issues.
If parents send their children out to assault people here in the US they might just permanently lose custody of them and yet the focus of this propaganda article is not on the problem,the parents but against Israel for trying to halt these deadly attacks.
If you can't see the hand of Satan and his followers when it comes to their anti-Israel evil then you are under the spell of the dragon.

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