Wednesday, May 15, 2013

America, Too Corrupt For Justice

Obama's Marxist revolution is well underway in Amerika and that is why the right has become the target, the enemy of this seized and overthrown government. The establishment republicans are party to this overthrow of the constitutional republic,now a tyrannical globalist,fascist oligarchy.
There is no accountability with these revolutionaries who moonlight as pathological liars.
If there was any real justice Attorney General Eric Holder would be in prison already and half black Obama would be with him.
The media whores gave these criminals a pass on so many crimes and knew that were using the IRS to target conservatives long ago.The majority,amoral,decadent, public are so easily manipulated and the demonically arrogant Obama is so dangerous that I expect him to pull a dead rabbit out of his hat.Watch for the treacherous devil HuSSein O. to up his treachery in order to fulfill his destiny, transforming himself into America's greatest despotic, malevolent dictator.
All the executive orders and laws are in place,only one thing is missing and that is the imported ISLAMIC event that they will try and blame on conservatives if they can get away with it.

These NWO rats have been out of control long before Obama.
The big sister,big brother Orwellian surveillance world is here. They are watching everyone but the Islamic terrorists.
The google,NSA,DHS,CIA Spies hide a secret code in blogs (& n b s p ;) I spaced it here (minus amp;) because when the & and the n and the b and the s and the p and the ; are together the code is hidden.
This code is automatically inserted next to certain words and sentences and I notice that after posting I get an immediate visit.
I just found this code on both sides of the word 'totalitarian' below and removed them which I hope makes their work a little harder.
The odds of that happening every time at a blog with so few readers is beyond coincidence.
I did a search at google to learn what this was and all I found was the standard google lie.People are so naive and that is how we got to this totalitarian state. It's amazing how easily the majority fall for the lies of the wicked.
The only reason they have not shut down my blog is so they can watch me.

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