Saturday, May 25, 2013

It's Coming Here !

Sweden riots spread beyond Stockholm despite extra police

It looks like hell has arrived to what was once a picture perfect socialist paradise of Sweden.
After the Islamic hordes burn down the country the idiots in the insane government of Sweden are beginning to question their immigration policy.
Too little, too late.
The monster they created,with the best Sweden has to offer is destroying them from within and it's going to get bloodier.
All they can do is look in the mirror and admit that godless,leftist,socialists are not as smart as they think they are but crazy and bring their own self destruction.

The reality is that they are too proud to admit they are fools,so they will keep lying and cover up the truth that ISLAM is the problem.
You have to understand the perversity of the BBC to grasp why they will not tell you these are MUSLIM immigrants from ISLAMIC countries burning and destroying everything.
They are being obedient to their book of lies,the Koran when it comes to we infidels.

I spent some time in Stockholm and saw first hand their extremely generous socialism which they assumed would assimilate the rabid dogs of allah.
There is something about the godless left and their 'elite' arrogance that leads them to hell eventually.

The 'feel good' leftist insanity of multiculturalism with Islam has failed in Europe as it will fail in America because in the end, arrogant Islam is about dominance and intolerance for the infidel way of life.
All you have to do is look at history,at the first incursion of Islam into  Europe

History repeats,only this time the western nuts have invited their ISLAMIC destroyers in and given them food,money and shelter to assist them in burning down Europe.
We will see this in America thanks to the perverted globalists of the left and fakeright.
Here in America the idiots in Washington haven't yet arrived at that burning question of their failed globalist multicultural experiment .
Their stupidity and denial is so great that they flood the nation with these jihad thugs and defend their death cult religion even as the blood of dead westerners drips from their hands.

Justice,judgment has arrived on the two faced hypocrites!

Do you remember how innocent, non violent Jews were treated in 30's-40's Europe ?
Fast forward to today and how kind and sweet the European perverts and hypocrites treat their extremely dangerous violent,intolerant MUSLIM immigrants.
The idiots thought they could tame the ISLAMIC devils with their ways and their stuff.

It is interesting to see the UK and the rest of Europe suffering under their Muslim citizen immigrants after bashing and attacking Israel to be kind and gentle to the killers for allah.
Just desserts for the smug hypocrites as they will have to kill or be killed by those MUSLIMS they chose to side with against Israel and the Jews !

Cities will Collapse Much Sooner Than First Thought


Muslim women are as deadly as the men

The good news is that God is arranging a mass funeral and burial for these jihad dogs of hell. The greatest feast ever for all the birds and the beasts and afterwards a long period of burial for what is left of the carcasses of the mad jihad dogs.
The longest funeral,burial in the history of humanity that will take 7 months to bury their miserable,dead corpses.

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