Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Mr. Kaplan writes a very penetrating and eye opening article but like so many indoctrinated at the Western re-education camps also known as Universities he seems clueless when it comes to the concept and the degree of evil at work today here in America.
Their plan is well under way to bring about the end time EVIL global government the last rebel human government before Messiah Jesus returns to set up His millennial Kingdom in Jerusalem, all of which the Jewish prophet Daniel wrote about.
Daniel or the concept of good versus evil is not part of the University indoctrination and brainwashing curriculum.
The reason why the US would be helping to establish an Islamic Caliphate is because of the great Satanic evil that is at work from Washington and that is why I renamed Mr. Kaplan's article;
'The Evil Empire'
There are no good nations ,they are all evil and those which remain will be removed,crushed,destroyed when Messiah returns.
The globalist elite who have long ago taken over America have partnered with totalitarian Islam to bring about their New World Order and this is also why they are militarizing the police as they bring about their totalitarian control here in now damned,cursed America.
Control freaks love Islam because it's all about Satanic control and submission and that is why Janet and the treacherous and EVIL gang are on a mission to destroy liberty and freedom here also.

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