Monday, May 06, 2013

Planned Terror Attack in Minnesota or Something Else ?

FIB:Raid on mobile home disrupted "terror attack" in Minnesota

Hey Eric,

Listen to me,we got a problem with my jihad boys and the Boston debacle.Uncle Janet and my gang are looking extremely incompetent even with the media in our pocket keeping the heat off her.
Look,we got to take the focus off my favorite blood religion and our latest failure ASAP.
If we don't get our propaganda media attention refocused in the white place soon the people we've brainwashed might just wake up and figure out the problem is Islam, and I don't want that to happen buddy,you got that?
Get Muller at FBI to pull some wacko white 'domestic terrorist' group out of his files and if he can't find a group get some lone, drugged up loser and make it like he was going to do some terrorist stuff. Make sure my Muslim brothers aren't involved in any of this.
If you can't find any white supremacist any old Buford will do,but he's got to be white bread,NO multi grain and no pumpernickel,that's critical to my dastardly plans.
Don't pull this off too fast cause they might figure out what we're up to,wait a few weeks and start rolling out the diversions until my jihad boys are out of sight,out of mind. Boy ,this crafty,diabolical stuff is really fun,look at how easily we got away with our gun running and all our other crimes.

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