Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Under the cover of darkness while you slept

Did they dump a tiny vial of biological toxins into the water supply ? We will know shortly!

I'll bet you won't find this news story in the prostitute government media as it does not rise to the level of news as that of the actress Angelia Jolie and her missing boobs.

The American people do not realize the grave danger they are in because of the criminal duplicity of their own government.
Some thinking Christians and profilers are aware of why this group trained in chemicals would go out in the middle of the night to a water reservoir. The rest are incredibly naive.
"recently graduated MUSLIM chemical engineers curious about the reservoir"
I wonder if the average American chemical graduate student who is curious about the source of Boston's drinking water goes there during the day or waits till it gets dark to visit ?
They admitted they were there for 'educational purposes' and were not dragged in for a thorough debriefing,that is how incompetent the FBI has become.
My gut tells me that they wanted to get an idea of how much toxic agents it would take and going together during the day would arouse too much suspicion.
Did the MUSLIM 'chemical engineers' explain that they decided to go out when it was pitch black so they could see the water source better ?
The police and FBI not willing to offend the 'terrorists in training'and not wanting to incur the wrath of Hussein Obama and Janet minimized the grave threat of this enemy on their dry practice run.

The politically correct media just could not bring themselves to use the word Muslim to describe these late night Muslims curious about the source of drinking water for a major US city. The FBI was too stupid to figure out what they were up to or Janet Napolitano called them and told them to focus on right wing conservatives as the 'real enemy.'

The government which imports these Islamic terrorists under the guise of students and helps to educate them so they can murder us enmasse has to make this story disappear or the brainwashed sheep might just wake up that their very own government are the chief terrorists.

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