Friday, May 03, 2013

The Lesson Of Boston

1.George Orwell -Animal Farm,1984 was right,we are now seeing the Bolshevik pigs take over here in America.(You can be sure that the pigs will now move quickly to lock down internet freedom, the only other source of information outside their very controlled farm)
2.The incompetent,dubious anti-Christ U.S. government only investigates Islamic terrorists after they strike and only after do they put on an over rated media spectacle with their endless nonsense reporting to keep the sheep headed for slaughter entertained.
(before that they bring the ISLAMIC terrorists into the country and give them every imaginable form of financial assistance while they grope and abuse law abiding non-Muslim American citizens under their lie of homeland security)
3. The Islamic terrorists are a very protected species in the new America where the cause that motivates them to murder and destroy (ISLAM) is always covered up and protected by the evil,lying Goebbels government/media.
4.The reason the "Orwellian" U.S. government/propaganda media have such an affinity for their imported Islamic terrorists is that they serve the same god ,Satan,the father of lies and all liars,AKA allah.
(they would never have a problem identifying a Jew or a Christian if they were in the same scenario)
5.The despotic government knows what is coming and used Boston for their major city, martial law trial run.
(that is the only explanation of why thousands of well armed black boot storm troopers with their tanks could not find 1 teenage Muslim terrorist after they had shut down the city of Boston for their practice day)

God is not tolerant to those who are tolerant of evil and He has the final word not the wicked who are now in temporary control.
When it comes to sin,God is intolerant and those who rebel against Him always,always lose.

Jesus IS returning and His plan is to mess up your plans and the best part is that you control freaks will not be able to stop Him.

It would be wise for you to turn off the road to hell you are on, ,repent and serve the Lord while there is yet time.
Time runs out for everyone,even the devil.

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