Wednesday, May 08, 2013

A Wicked Nation,The Breeding Ground For Evil To Flourish

The new America is an extremely dangerous place for women and children.
If the greedy big pharma drug pushers don't destroy your children the government schools will and then the TV,Hollywood media will send them straight to hell before they have a chance to grow up.
Something that stands out in this decaying corpse of a nation is how so many of the terrorists,criminals,child molesters and assorted sexual perverts are on the government payroll.They get a check every month for their "work."
They have a free ride thanks to this corrupt,perverted system in the final stage of terminal rot and collapse.
While the church went to sleep under the spell of entertainment and prosperity Christianity the twisted,godless,leftist perverts who have hijacked America have outlawed God and His morality and invited in every imaginable and unimaginable evil in under the banner of tolerance and the worthless,corrupt leadership are clueless.The system is in collapse with only the facade of functionality.
The light of goodness and morality has been replaced with gross darkness and it has polluted every corner of this no longer blessed nation.

No matter what the evil, godless liars tell you, deterrence does work

The wicked are very bold now as we see with the most vile and wicked A. Castro  who should be made and example of with an immediate death sentence but this will not happen because there is no real justice in America with the wicked are in power.
They protect the rights of the pornographer$ to create armies of child molesters,rapists,sexual perverts and killers.
That is why children,especially women in America are not safe.
In America ,evil is protected and defended while the Satanic system makes war on God,the truth,good and law abiding citizens.
The police and the system have proven incompetent,unable to protect the innocent from the evil ones they coddle
Now they want to remove the last line of defense for the vulnerable and  the weak from the millions of brutal, merciless killer,con-artists,criminals,and perverts godless America has produced.
The media focus on the 3 female survivors in Cleveland while they ignore the daily sexual abuse,disappearance and murder of our children who manage to survive the American ritual sacrifice of abortion/murder to the god of pleasure and perversity.
And then we have an evil government that wonders why women in the military are hunted as prey by the sexual deviants who outnumber moral, God fearing souls.

Evil rules America

Air Force brochure on sexual assault advises victims to submit rather than resist attackers.

God save us from ourselves and please destroy the wicked,and soon !

American rot in the nuclear bunker

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