Saturday, May 18, 2013

Israel's Failure to Defeat Hamas in Gaza Will be Costly

Hamas Orders Rockets in Judea and Samaria

Hamas are not cowered by a weak and neutered Israeli leadership who are always easily restrained by their nefarious masters in Washington and always rewarding their bad behavior.
The last time the IDF went to battle Hamas in Gaza in late 2012 they again failed to defeat them.That was a big mistake that the incompetent,servile leadership should be held to account for.
All it took this last time was a visit from the witch Hillary on her broom to rescue Hamas and the eunuch,just following orders, lap dog Bibi retreated the IDF immediately.
The poodle always,always rolls over on command.

I posit that Hamas are not the real problem for Israel but secular Jewish idol worshipers like Bibi who bow and serve their false gods in Washington with religious devotion.
The real enemy

One Failed US Policy after Another Threatens Israel's Survival

Israels' misplaced faith in the US is a noose getting squeezed tighter and tighter around it's neck.
Israel foolishly waits on an unreliable, backstabbing, phony ally for permission and green lights has made itself of evil empire whose dark agenda is Israel's extermination,a crafty,stealth 'peace' gift to their Islamic partners in the New Wold Order.
The US failure in Iraq has made Iran stronger and in control of Iraq now.US meddling by restraining Israel when President Bush came to the rescue of Hizbollah in the second Lebanon war in the summer of 2006 has brought a sure coming catastrophe on Israel.
The other George Wicked Bush failure evil scheme brought Hamas to power in Gaza and the evil empire has come to Hamas' rescue every time Israel moved to defeat them. Due to the weak, faith challenged Israeli leadership it has been child's play for Washington to snatch defeat from the jaws of IDF victory.

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