Saturday, May 04, 2013

WW III Begins

What leads me to say this is because Iran and their proxy armies,Hizbollah,Basjid and the other assorted Islamic jihad hordes of hell will strike back at Israel and you can fill in the next page.

Israel pre-empts the Hezbolhah,Lebanon,Iran,Syria axis
There is a reason why the IDF called up reserves to the Lebanon,Syria border and it's not about a drill,it's about the real thing.
With Iran sending thousands of fighters,missiles,rockets,chemical,biological weapons on Israel's northern border,this war has begun.
The UN failed Israel by not keeping Hezbollah from rearming as they were required to do under UN resolution 1701 after the 2nd  Lebanon war in 2006.
The US,UN,EU are all at fault but you can count on Israel being blamed after the "fallout" of this unfolding major war.
Israel has finally awakened to the suicidal,subservient relationship with the U.S. under it's phony land for peace scam that has snared them into slavery and waiting for a 'green light'.
Israel is no longer waiting for permission from an unreliable,untrustworthy pseudo friend to strike the Hizbollah,Iran,Syria axis as Iran amasses fighters and game changing weapons on Israel's northern border with the world silent again to this latest holocaust attempt.
It took 1 Hussein Obama,the Washington liar in Chief to break Israel from her pagan idol worship of America as Israel's God who would bring them peace and security.
Maybe the old lap dog Netanyahu has finally learned and now realizes that whatever Washington promises,the opposite is true ?

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