Thursday, May 23, 2013

Boston,London-Connecting the Dots

In both ISLAMIC driven attacks the nefarious government and media go out of their way to lie to the public and tell us ; "This is not Islam"

YES IT IS !!!!

In Boston ,the FBI were warned MULTIPLE TIMES about Tamerlain by Russian authorities but downplayed the alert and insanely driven by politically correctness gave this MUSLIM killer the soft and fluffy treatment.
The hard abuse is reserved for non Muslims by DHS and their TSA goons.
The authorities in London knew these ISLAMIC terrorists well and knew they were a clear and present danger but because of the undeserved honor and respect given to the death cult of ISLAM they were given a pass.
Keeping the lie alive at all cost
You have to ask why the authorities are so soft on this threat when it has such a long history of carnage and genocide ?
It goes way beyond stupidity.
I've come to the conclusion that they are soft on this evil because they themselves are evil.
They will not say 'ISLAMIC terrorist to help us connect the dots to the heart of this evil beast and instead describe them as lone wolves or some other diversionary descriptor because they are birds of the same evil feather.
The perverts and deviants of the government and media alliance never go out of their way to show Christians and Jews in a positive light but work hard to do the exact opposite.
With the violent,bloodthirsty murderers they lie and twist and spin garbage to feed us, they go out of their way to show the darkness and evil of ISLAM in a favorable light with their non stop propaganda agenda.
That is evil and they are evil.

In both cases the idiots and liars who rule over us waited until after they attacked to get serious investigating while making sure to defend and protect ,not the citizens but the root of the problem, ISLAM.
They put on a show to deceive the naive only after the damage has been done.
The lesson here is if you are a good,law abiding citizen you will be ruthlessly abused by the IRS and every other arm of this corrupt,failed mulit-cultural mad globalist oligarchy.
But if you are a bad Muslim you will easily get away with preaching jihad and hate and be protected and defended as President Hussein Obama has protected MUSLIM,terrorist and mass murderer U.S. Army Major Nidal Hassan.
He's still collecting a paycheck years after his brutal attack in the name of ISLAM and has yet to be brought to justice.

FortHood shooter has drawn $278G in salary since massacre

Can you see the corruption and evil that is Washington ?

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