Wednesday, October 09, 2013

A friend said she had been feeling disoriented on her medication

Body Found at San Francisco General Hospital Is Missing Woman Lynne Spalding

Spalding had entered the hospital on Sept. 19 with a urinary tract infection, and was last seen on Sept. 21.
Damn drugs and the greedy,amoral system are killing thousands and thousands of people. Something not life threatening like a UTI and she's dead in a stairwell for 17 days.
Pure cranberry juice and avoiding the hospital like the plague might have saved her.
Her blind 'trust' in medication,hospitals and doctors ended her life early.
But then life has reached the perilous stage in this cursed land that has turned it;s back on God and his blessings.
Hospitals along with their growing incompetence, amoral nature and the drugs they push are getting more deadly by the hour.
Of course the nature of this beast is to hide and cover up what led to her death and the dangers of the drugs poison they push on the masses as they target Amish farmers for selling fresh milk with their Gestapo,Swat Teams.
Misplaced faith and living without the Way,the Truth and the LIFE Jesus and His daily salvation,healing ,wisdom and power is a dangerous and fatalistic way to live.
What is your faith in,God or in a collapsing,decadent,godless,amoral system ?

The hard early snows of death,famine and plagues

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