Thursday, October 10, 2013

PM tells Europe: If Iran sanctions are eased, they will collapse

Netanyahu's wasted pursuit for action from the useless gods he serves

Europe and the rest of the world will face hundreds of nuclear weapons in the hands of a “murderous” regime

The prime minister concluded with a hint at possible Israeli action to stop the Iranian nuclear program, "if I get permission and President Hussein Zero gives me a green light or when hell freezes over,until then, like your good,obedient slave I shall keep begging you."

“The Jewish people have traveled a 4,000-year journey,” he said. The Jews’ enemies “tried to destroy us again and again, but failed because we cried out to God.
We are too wise to do that anymore and so we rely on you and our Muslim Brotherhood peacemaker in the White House instead.
We won’t allow men such as the ayatollahs to succeed, I shall keep making speeches and talking until they find someone to replace me who will actually do something without waiting on permission from our worshipful, fraudulent ally who I am incapable of saying no to.”

Netanyahu's policy of submitting Israel's security to the US has failed,he's out of tricks. God is Israel's only place of hope and security, not the reprobate nations he keeps running and begging to.

Obama forewarns Netanyahu that sanctions against Iran will soon be partially lifted

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