Saturday, October 12, 2013

Dhimmi Land,Israel

Suspected terror victim’s wife demands ‘forceful’ response

Dhimmi Minister Netanyahu responded;
Forceful,harsh, crushing response along with defeating the enemy are no longer in our vocabulary.
We have been defeated by the peace process and the replacement words are dhimmi,surrender,capitulate,retreat and national suicide.
We are only permitted to go after fellow Jewish graffiti artists and Jewish home builders.
As a castrated people who have surrendered our sovereignty to foreign gods everything else is just for show.
Even if they gave us permission to do anything it would only be to deceive you into believing that we are still a free and sovereign people.
We turned away from God and freedom that comes from obedience to Him to become slaves to our Potomac pimps.
Have you noticed how we feed our destroyers Hamas in Gaza as our Jizya tax to Islam?
We are hollow men whose only gift is to deceive you and we do a good job at this. Lapid is teaching us new media tricks for the camera.
The best we secular losers in Jerusalem can do is release these Islamic killers to please our god Mohamed Hussein Obama. That is all he allows of us his slaves.
Pray hard because we are extremely worthless leaders who deceive you by our slogans our vain and empty sound bytes and peep shows.
We lead the nation to Sheol because we chose to follow man and not God and are too proud to admit that we have been class A fools in service to failure upon failure upon failure.

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